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Philosophy and History of Massage Moment

Tamara Quezaire
Tamara Quezaire - Founder

"Tamara knows exactly how to find the critical areas of your body that need her healing touch, and brings them new life. Her natural gifts are clearly in motion!"

Susan O.

Tamara Quezaire, licensed and certified massage therapist, is the founder and principal of Massage Moment Advanced Therapy (formerly Innerbalance Therapeutic Arts), founded in Boulder in 1994. With skill and intuition honed over decades, she deftly addresses her client's needs and intentions by seamlessly integrating a variety of therapeutic massage approaches. She has meticulously assembled a staff and team of experienced therapists for the expanding and evolving practice.

Massage Moment's clientele range from elite athletes to business leaders and weekend warriors, and several local doctors and complimentary practitioners entrust her business to provide specialized rehabilitation treatments for their patients. Her 20+ years of experience plus those of her staff— and thousands of satisfied clients — have set her business apart from other massage therapists. Many say her skillful touch and deep understanding of the connection between human anatomy and mind/body dynamics are her special gifts.

"Over the years my eye has become well trained to notice strain and trauma patterns that the client may not even be aware of," she explains, adding that this is just a part of tuning into a client's needs. "We also take the time to really listen to our clients throughout the entire session. That is a very valuable part of the process."

Tamara passes on her years of knowledge to the other practitioners at Massage Moment through training sessions and other forms of continuing education. Therefore, everyone visiting the office can benefit from Tamara's vast experience.

All of the practitioners at Massage Moment enjoy getting involved in the community and educating people about the benefits of bodywork through lectures, demonstrations, and on-site support of sporting and charity events.

"Within all of us lies infinite creative potential. Anything is possible with regard to health and well-being," Tamara believes. "I am truly grateful for my life and the wonderful people I share it with."

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