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Tamara Quezaire

Bodywork Sessions and Fees for Tamara

Single Sessions  
20 minutes
Good for focusing on 1 area of the body. Come wearing loose clothing for your session.
45 minutes
Budget friendly & relaxing. Come wearing loose clothing for your session.
60 minutes
Perfect, full-hour session to address your therapeutic needs
75 minutes
Give your mind and body time to unwind. You deserve it!
90 minutes
Oh yeah, a full 90 minutes of nothing but “You” time!
Multi-Pack Deals   The V.i.B. Program
60 minute/3 pack $210 Save $21 The Very important Body Program
is the VERY BEST way to save on regular bodywork! Begin Saving Today.
60 minute/6 pack $415 Save $47
75 minute/3 pack $263 Save $22
75 minute/6 pack $514 Save $54
Contact office for
Tamara's ViB Membership rates
90 minute/3 pack $320 Save $25
90 minute/6 pack $636 Save $54  

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