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V.i.B. Program: The Very important Body Program!

Tamara Quezaire

Say NO to Coupon Madness!!

Say YES to Top-Quality
Proven Bodywork

That's BUDGET Friendly

I n t r o d u c i n g

The Very important Body Program!

Only at
Massage Moment
Advanced Therapy

What is the V.i.B. Program?

Flexible Choose your preferred bodywork session.
Easy Automatic monthly payment.
Safe No contracts. Share-able and Gift-able.
Awesome Enjoy monthly bodywork.
Repeat as needed. You are guaranteed the V.i.B. rate. It's that simple.
Contact Us to begin saving today!
V.i.B. Program Rates
ADVANCED SESSIONS: 45 minute $46 / Monthly
  60 minute $62 / Monthly
  75 minute $76 / Monthly

General Information & Policies

Please visit our FAQ's for more information about your bodywork session and what to expect for someone new to massage. To spend more time on your therapy, we request new clients complete the New Client Intake Form before they arrive to their appointment.

Please read Massage Moment's Cancellation Policies before making an appointment. Thank You!

DOWNLOAD New Client Intake Form

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